Lucas Zarebinski

I came across product photographer Lucas Zarebinski recently after searching for articles on lighting photography for e-commerce. Zarebinski gives an insight into how he defines his practice as well as creative techniques to boost the visual aesthetics in product imagery in an article published on Photo Shelter. Although his practice is often dominated within the food industry his creativity is not limited to this. His work expands further over further fields including fashion, beauty and electronics and he captures an interestingly fresh perspective to editorial and advertising photography.

His website alone offers an exciting visual experience highlighting bold and vivid imagery from his catalogue of work. He explains that although lighting is of course the key to any successful product shot, being able to experiment with different compositions and lighting effects can dramatically improve the images appearance. Whilst working with clients he has to consider the format of his imagery to adhere to editiorial guidelines and briefs.

Simple techniques such as removing all distractions is something which he says is particularly important for editorial clients, who will likely want to add text or position several products on the same page. This is a vital technique to approach with product photography to allow consumers to have a clear visual interpretation of the product. After all when consumers shop online they are going to need a little bit of persuasion, and the power of imagery is an effective tool to help convert those customers to feel confident whilst purchasing online.

By focusing on colours, textures, shapes and more has helped Zarebinski develop his own distinctive style to his photography. He breaks boundaries by not following the simple approach to product photography, which is the main reason why his work stands out above the rest.

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